Thursday, September 20, 2007

Khatri in Navsari

As per my knowledge, there are around One thousand (1000) Khatris (kshatriya) in Navsari. Khatriwad, a known street in most of the Paach Gam(Navsari, Gandevi, Chikhali, Valsad, Mumbai) is famous, where most of the khatris are concentrated. Most of the Khatris in Khatriwad migrated to UK, USA, Fiji and many of them shifted their location to somewhere else. Now Khatriwad is only there for its name. Only a handful of Khatri is staying there.

The Laxminarayan Mandir is situated in Khatriwad and is the main temple of Khatri Community in Navsari. Navichali is another street in Navsari where you will find bunch of Khatris staying in a house just adjoining to another. Gohil Marriage Hall is located in Navichali, Navsari. This hall is mostly used by community people for celebrating their social occasion. This is the only street in Navsari where most of the khatris still preserve their location. You will find most of them sitting on OOTLA (small veranda in front of house) and gossiping with each other. Because this is the only place to entertain yourself in small town.

Little ahead to paigawad, towards Junathana, there is another khatri community hall, which is hardly been used during social occasion because of their being too old and obsolete construction. But yes this Hall is of great demand for MANDOHARO (Non-veg Party) and cocktail party. Mandoharo is also a great tradition in Khatri Community is not only famous among khatris but also outsiders.

Samaj Darpan is a monthly magazine published from navsari, and most popular among khatri communities. Almost most of the khatris family subscribed that magazine. You will find in and around news of khatri community i.e who is born? who is died? who is married? who is travel to where etc. etc

There are many khatris living in and around Lunsikui area. They all gathered during Mahotsav (annual function) or TERMU (Thirteen day after person died) or SAMUH BHOJAN.

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